Biology Past Questions and Answers for Nursing, Pre-Degree, JUPEB, 1982 JAMB, Post UTME, WAEC, NECO

Biology Past Questions and Answers for Nursing, Pre-Degree, JUPEB, 1982 JAMB, Post UTME, WAEC, NECO

These Biology Past Questions and Answers are very useful for ALL candidates preparing for School of Nursing Entrance Examination, JAMB, Post UTME, Pre-Degree, JUPEB, WAEC, NECO, GCE and other Institutes’ Entrance Examination. The Questions are sourced from JAMB 1982 Past Questions and uploaded by Akahi Tutors Rep. Call 08038644328

UTME Biology Past Questions and Answers 1982

1. A population is defined as the collection of

  • A. Similar organism that are found in the same habitat
  • B. Similar organisms that breed in the same habitat
  • C. Similar organisms that interbreed freely in the same habitat
  • D. Similar organism eating the same food
  • E. Different organisms in the same habitat

2. Which of these combinations is common to plant and animal cells?

  • A. Centriole, middle lamella, golgi bodies, mitrochondrion
  • B. Cytoplasm, sap, vacuole, starch grains, leucoplasts
  • C. Plasma membranes, chromosomes, mitochondria, lysosomes.
  • D. Nucleus, nucleolus, cellulose cell wall, endoplasmic reticulum
  • E. Cytoplasm, centriole, cellulose cell wall, nucleolus

3. Which of these animals is NOT metamerically segmented?

  • A. Tapeworm
  • B. Earthworm
  • C. Centipede
  • D. Crayfish
  • E. Shark

4. Some of the major elements required by plants are

  • A. Potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sodium, calcium
  • B. Nitrogen, phosphorus, molybdenum, sodium, calcium
  • C. Potassium, phosphorus, molybdenum, sodium, calcium
  • D. Potassium, nitrogen, iron , sodium, calcium
  • E. Potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon, cadmium

5. In human reproduction, the zygote formed as a result of fertilization gets attached to the wall of the uterus. The process is called

  • A. Sexual reproduction
  • B. Cohesion
  • C. Pregnancy
  • D. Implantation
  • E. Viviparity

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