UTME Chemistry 1985 JAMB Past Questions and Answers, Jamb, Pre-degree, Nursing, Waec, Neco

UTME Chemistry 1985 JAMB Past Questions and Answers.

UTME Chemistry 1985 JAMB Past Questions and Answers, Jamb, Pre-degree, Nursing, Waec, Neco

1. Copper sulphate solution is electolysed using platinum electrodes A. current of 0.193 amperes is passed for 2hrs. How many grams of copper are deposited? (cu = 63.5, F = 96500 coulombs)



A) 0.457g

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B) 0.500g

C) 0.882g

D) 0.914g

E) 1.00g

The correct answer is A.

2. Some properties of chemical substances are mentioned below… i. sour taste ii. slippery touch iii. yields alkaline gas with ammonium salt iv. has pH less than 7 v. turns phenolphthalein pink.Which of the above are NOT typical properties of alkalis?


A) i, iv and v

B) iv and v

C) i and iv

D) ii and v

E) ii, iii and iv

The correct answer is C.

3. A certain volume of gas at 298k is heated such that its volume and pressure are now four times the original values. What is the new temperature?


A) 18.6k

B) 100.0k

C) 298.0k

D) 1192.0k

E) 4768.0k

The correct answer is E.

4. The boiling point of water, ethanol, toluene and butan-2-ol are 373.0k, 351.3k, 383.6k and 372.5k respectively. Which liquid has the highest vapour pressure at 323.0k?


A) water

B) toluene

C) ethanol

D) butan-2-ol

E) none

The correct answer is C.

5. In what respect will two dry samples of nitrogen gas differ from each other if sample 1 is prepared by completely removing CO2 and O2 from air, and sample 2 is prepared by passing purified nitrogen(i)oxide over heated copper? sample 1 is


A) purer than sample 2

B) slightly denser than sample 2

C) in all respects the same as sample 2

D) colourless but sample 2 has a light brown colour

E) slightly less reactive than sample 2

The correct answer is B.

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