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UTME Chemistry 1988 JAMB Past Questions and Answers, Jamb, Pre-degree, Nursing, Waec, Neco

UTME Chemistry 1988 JAMB Past Questions and Answers, Jamb, Pre-degree, Nursing, Waec, Neco


UTME Chemistry 1988 JAMB Past Questions and Answers

1. The formula of the compound formed in a reaction between a trivalent metal M and a tetravalent non-metal X  is

A. MX  

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C. M4X3

D. M3X2.

The correct answer is C

Explanation  :

M3+ + X-4  =  M4X3


2. An eruption pollution an environment with gas suspected to be H2S, a poisonous gas. A residue team should spray the environment with?


A) water

B) moist SO2

C) acidified KMnO4 and water

D) water, acidified KMnO4 and oxygen

The correct answer is B.

3. 2.25g of a sample of an oxide of copper on reduction gave 2.0g of copper. 2.50g of another oxide of copper on reduction also gave 2.0g of copper. These results are in accordance with the law of?


A) constant composition

B) conservation of matter

C) multiple proportions

D) definite proportions

The correct answer is C.

4. One mole of propane is mixed with five moles of oxygen. The mixture is ignited and the propane burns completely. What is the volume of the products at s.t.p?(G.M.V = 22.4 dm3 mol-1)


A) 112.0 dm3

B) 67.2 dm3

C) 56.0 dm3

D) 44.8 dm3

The correct answer is B.


C3H8 + 5O2 → 3CO2 + 4H2O
When the mixture is ignited CO2 is collected as product. From the equation 33 moles of CO2 is produced which equals 3 x 2.4 dm3 = 67.2 dm3 at S.T.P

5. An increase in temperature causes an increase in the pressure of a gas because there is an increase in the?


A) average velocity of the molecules

B) number of collisions between the molecules

C) density of the molecules

D) free mean path between each molecules and other

The correct answer is B.

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