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UTME Chemistry 1989 JAMB Past Questions and Answers, Jamb, Pre-degree, Nursing, Waec, Neco

UTME Chemistry 1989 JAMB Past Questions and Answers, Jamb, Pre-degree, Nursing, Waec, Neco


UTME Chemistry 1989 JAMB Past Questions and Answers

1. Mortar is NOT used for under-water construction because


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A) it hardens by lose of water

B) its hardening doe not depend upon evaporation

C) it requires concrete to harden

D) it will be washed away by the flow of water

The correct answer is A.

2. Which of the following is NOT involved in the extraction of metals from their ores?


A) reduction with carbon

B) reduction with other metals

C) reduction by electrolysis

D) oxidation with oxidizing agents

The correct answer is D.

3. The catalyst used in the contact process for the manufacture of tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid is


A) manganes (IV) oxide

B) manganese (ll) tetraoxosulphate (VI)

C) vanadium (V) oxide

D) iron metal

The correct answer is C.

4. Some products of destructive distillation of coal are


A) carbon (IV) oxide and ethanoic acid

B) trioxocarbonate (IV) acid and methanoic acid

C) producer gas and water gas

D) coke and ammonia liquor

The correct answer is D.

5. Gunpower is made from charcoal, sulphur and potassium trioxonitrate (V) The salt in the mixture performs the function of


A) an oxidant

B) a reductant

C) a solvent

D) a catalyst

The correct answer is A.

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  1. In no 4 d is the best option because destructive distillation Is the process of heating coal to high temperature in the absence of air in order for all the volatile component to distill over.
    And the product are coke,coal tar,coal gas and ammoniacal liquor.

  2. In no 3 c is best option because the catalyst used in contact process is V2O5

  3. In no 5 A is correct because gunpowder is an intimate mixture of NaNo3 or KNo3,charcoal and sulphur.
    When gunpowder is ignited it burns to release nitrogen gas and oxide of sulphur and carbon
    In this case KNo3 is reduced to nitrogen gas I.e oxidant or oxidizing agent
    While carbon and sulphur is oxidized I.e reducdant or reducing agent.

  4. To back up the answer in no 1
    Mortal Is not used for under water construction because it hardens by Loss of water.

  5. No. 1 A is the correct answer because mortal undergo hardened process and become set.

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