CRK Past Questions and Answers for Pre-Degree, JUPEB, 1984 JAMB, Post UTME, WAEC, NECO


These Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) Past Questions and Answers are very useful for ALL candidates preparing for JAMB, Post UTME, Pre-Degree, JUPEB, WAEC, NECO, GCE and other Theological Establishing Institutes’ Entrance Examination. The Questions are sourced from JAMB 1984 Past Questions and uploaded by Akahi Tutors Rep. Call 08038644328

1984 UTME CRK Past Questions and Answers

CRK Past Questions and Answers for Pre-Degree, JUPEB, 1984 JAMB, Post UTME, WAEC, NECO


1. The seven deacons were appointed to



A) conduct a mission to the Gentiles

B) replace the twelve

C) lead the church in Jereusalem

D) help in the distribution of food

E) preach the gospel

The correct answer is D.

2. Which ruler said this in the course of Paul’s defence? ‘In a short time you think to make me a Chrisatian


A) Festus

B) Agrippa

C) Herod

D) Caiaphas

E) Pilate

The correct answer is B.

3. When Paul arrived in the Rome, the people he first addressed were


A) the local leaders of the Jews

B) the early Roman Christians

C) the Roman soldiers who were guarding him

D) the pagans whom he wanted to convert

E) Apollos and his followers who were expecting his arrival

The correct answer is A.

4. For I am ready not only to be imprisoned but even to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus who was this devoted person?


A) Stephen

B) James

C) Peter

D) Paul

E) Barnbas

The correct answer is D.

5. Complete the quotation which relates to Paul’s voyage to Rome. ‘Do not be afraid, Paul, you must stand before Caesar, and lo….


A) Caessar will give you a favourable judgement’.

B) all who seek your life will perish’

C) I have a large number of disciples in Rome

D) my name will be glorified in your mission

E) God has granted you all those who sail with you

The correct answer is E.

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