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UTME CRK 2006 JAMB Past Questions and Answers Predegree, Jupeb, Neco, Waec

UTME CRK 2006 Past Questions and Answers

1. The covenant which God made with the Israelites was ratified when



A) the blood was sprinkled on the people

B) Moses built an altar at the foot of Mount Horeb

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C) twelve pillars were set up to represent the twelve tribes of Israel

D) the young men offered burnt and peace offerings

The correct answer is C.

2. ‘He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your resources…’

The statement above by Paul was made in respect of


A) Christian attitude to giving

B) Christian attitude to worship

C) the parable of the sower

D) the parable of the mustard seed

The correct answer is A.

3. According to Corinthians, it is necessary for a Christian to forgive so as to


A) maintain brotherly affection

B) emulate the life of Paul

C) maintain good neighbourliness

D) keep Satan from gaining advantage

The correct answer is D.

Raed 2 Corinthians 2

4. Peter teaches that as aliens and exiles on earth Christians should


A) trust in the Lord because He shall sustain them

B) maintain good conduct because God cares for them

C) abstain from passions of the flesh that wage war against their souls

D) continue in faith because God’s garce is sufficient to cover their sins

The correct answer is C.

5. According to Romans, good citizenship involves


A) reporting criminals in society

B) supporting the poor

C) obedient to those in authority

D) participation in governance

The correct answer is C.

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