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UTME CRK 2011 JAMB Past Questions and Answers, Pre-degree, Waec, Neco, Jupeb

UTME CRK 2011 JAMB Past Questions and Answers, Pre-degree, Waec, Neco, Jupeb

1. The Jews sought to kill Jesus after He healed the man at the pool of Bethzatha because they thought that He



A) claimed to have authority to forgive sins

B) made Himself equal with God

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C) did not agree with the law of Moses

D) said that He was born before Abraham

The correct answer is C.

2. In the parable of the sower, the seed that fell among the thorns symbolized the one who hears the word but


A) does not understand it

B) loses it to the enemy

C) does not immediately receive it

D) the cares of the world choke it

The correct answer is D.

3. Jesus encouraged His followers to rejoice when they were persecuted because


A) great would be their reward in heaven

B) angels would come to their aid

C) they would not lack anything good

D) all their sins would be forgiven

The correct answer is A.

4. According to Amos, God desires knowledge of Him rather than


A) fervent prayers

B) dependency on the Law

C) the mulititide of prophecies

D) burnt offerings

The correct answer is D.

5. In his vision, Isaiah’s guilt was taken away and his sin foegiven after


A) the angel of the LORD appeared to him

B) his mouth was touched with a burning coal

C) the seraphim had spoken to him

D) he had agreed to serve God

The correct answer is B.

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