UTME Use of English Past Questions & Answers 1978


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UTME Use of English Past Questions & Answers 1978


Read each passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it.

All over the world till lately, and in most of the world still today, mankind has been following the course of nature: that is to say, it has been breeding up to the maximum. To let nature take her extravagant course in the reproduction of the human race may have made sense in an age in which we were also letting her take her course in decimating mankind by the casualties of war, pestilence, and famine. Being human, we have at last revolted against that senseless waste. We have started to impose on nature’s heartless play a humane new order of our own. But when once man has begun to interfere with nature he cannot afford to stop half way We cannot with impunity, cut down the death-rate and at the same time allow the birth-rate to go on taking nature’s course We must consciously try to establish an equilibrium or sooner or later, famine will stalk abroad again

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1. The author observes that 
A. war, pestilence and famine were caused by the extravagance of nature B.natüre was heartless and senseless C. there was a time when uncontrolled birth made sense D. it was Wise-at a time when mankind did not interfere with normal reproduction E nature war heartless in its reproductive process

2. Which of these statements does not express the opinion of the author?
A. Mankind has started to interfere with the work of nature. B. Many people had died in the past through want and disease. C. Mankind should nbt have the maximum number of children possible. D. Mankind should take care of its children. E. Man’s present relationship with nature in matters of birth and death is a happy one

3. ‘humane’ as used in the passage means
A. sensible B. wise C. human D. benevolent E. thorough.

4 We must consciously try to establish an equilibrium’ (lines 7-8) implies that mankind must
A realistically find an equation B. strive not to be wasteful C deliberately try to fight nature D. try to fight nature E.purposely find a balance.

5. The main idea of this passage is that
A. nature is heartless B. man should control the birth-rate C. mankind will soon perish of starvation D pestilence causes more deaths than war E man should change nature’s course gradually. . . . . .

1.C 6.A 11.D 16.C 21.A 26.C 31.A 36.B 41.D 46.C 51.D 56.B 61.D 66.D 71.B 76.D 81.C 86.A 91.B 96.D 2.E 7.C 12.B 17.D 22.E 27.B 32.D 37.A 42.C 47.D 52.E 57.D 62.D 67.D 72.A 77.A 82.C 87.B 92.A 97.B 3.A 8.A 13.A 18.B 23.E 28.E 33.B 38.E 43.A 48.E 53.B 58.C 63.C 68.C 73.A 78.C 83.B 88.C 93.D 98.A 4.E 9.E 14.E 19.C 24.D 29.C 34.A 39.A 44.A 49.D 54.A 59.E 64.C 69.E 74.C 79.A 84.C 89.C 94.B 99.D 5.B 10D 15.D 20.A 25.B 30.C 35.B 40.B 45.D 50.C 55.D 60.D 65.B 70.B 75.A 80.D 85.D 90.E 95.C 100.C

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