UTME Geography Past Questions & Answers 1978


Practise UTME Geography Past Questions & Answers for the year 1978

Geography 1978 JAMB Map Reading

1. Give the most appropriate name for the feature P.
A. Cot B. Plateau C. Valley D. Elbow E. Spur
2. What is the angular bearing of settlement Dor from settlement Can? 
A. 400 B. 450 C. 3000 D. 3200 E. 325°
3. Estimate the height of Trigonometry station . 
A. 315 metres B. 320 metres C. 325 metres D. 345 metres E. 365 metres.
4. What is the most likely cause for the paucity of surface streams on the eastern half of the area?
A. No rainfall B. Rugged topography C. Flat terrain D. Poor vegetation E. Nature of the rocks.
5 Which of the following phrases best describes the entire area on the right bank of River Ere?
A. A dissected upland B. A dissected plateau C. A glaciated mountain D. An undulating land E. A scarp land.

1.A 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.D 6.B 7.B 8.C 9.A 10.D 11.D 12.E 13.D 14.D 15.E 16.C 17.E 18.A 19.C 20.E 21.E 22.D 23.D 24.D 25.E 26.B 27.B 28.E 29.A 30.C 31.D 32.C 33.A 34.D 35.B 36.A 37.A 38.A 39.C 40.D 41.C 32.A 43.E 44.B 45.C 46.E 47.D 48.B 49.C 50.A

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