UTME Government 2013 JAMB Past Questions and Answers Paper Type: D

UTME Government 2013 JAMB Past Questions and Answers Paper Type: D

1. Which question paper type of Government is given to you?



A) Type D

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B) Type I

C) Type B

D) Type U

The correct answer is A.

2. Which of the following countries pioneered the establishment of ECOWAS alongside Nigeria?


A) Ghana

B) Togo

C) Algeria

D) Cameroun

The correct answer is B.


The call for a West African community was made by President William Tubman of Liberia in 1964. An agreement was signed among Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in February 1965, but this came to nothing.

In April 1972, General Gowon of Nigeria and General Eyadema of Togo re-launched the idea, drew up proposals and toured 12 countries, soliciting their plan from July to August 1973. A meeting was then called at Lomé from 10-15 December 1973, which studied a draft treaty. This was further examined at a meeting of experts and jurists in Accra in January 1974 and by a ministerial meeting in Monrovia in January 1975. Finally, 15 West African countries signed the treaty for an Economic Community of West African States (Treaty of Lagos) on 28 May 1975. The protocols launching ECOWAS were signed in Lomé, Togo, on 5 November 1976. In 1977 Cape Verde joined ECOWAS, while in 2002 Mauritania withdrew form the Community.

3. A group of people who live together under a common law within a definite territory is a


A) Community

B) Nation – State

C) Nation

D) State

The correct answer is D.

4. Political socialization is associated with


A) Military take over of civilian government

B) The transmission of political values

C) Political transition

D) Free choice of party programmes

The correct answer is B.

5. According to Aristotle, a form of government in which the few rule for the benefit of all is


A) Diarchy

B) Aristocracy

C) Autocracy

D) polyarchy

The correct answer is B.

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