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What Apostle Paul Said In Prophecies About Nigeria

Buhari May Be Forced Out Before End Of Year, Lagos Prophet Says In 2020 Prophecies

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China will hijack the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, according to the 2020 New Year prophecies of Apostle Paul Okikijesu of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, Lagos State.

According to him, the Chinese will dominate a certain sector of the Nigerian economy, as he predicted that there would be an invasion of terrorists to Nigeria from other African countries.

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Also, Apostle Paul predicted there would be food in Nigeria but noted that other things may not be affordable for the ordinary, everyday Nigerian.

Apostle Paul’s 2020 New Year Prophecies For Nigeria 

Below are the prophecies of Apostle Paul about Nigeria for 2020:

 “Impact of ECO Currency, the proposed single West African currency. Invasion of terrorists from other African countries.

“Tribal and religious war. Imperfect relationship with China. The dominance of a certain sector of Nigeria by China so as to hijack the present regime.

“Activities of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mali, Niger, and Chad, to turn Nigeria into a Muslim State.

“Certain bridges in the nation may collapse and it will lead to loss of lives. Food will be surplus, but other items/things will be scarce.

“Strange event will occur that will marvel the world and stigmatize the nation. President Buhari should give power to the legislative and the judicial arms of the government, together with the law enforcement agencies to operate without hindrance or interference.

“The President, the Governors, and those in the position of authority should seek the advice of genuine men of God and not the corrupt pastors or glutton priests.

“Judgment will start from the leaders of Christianity, and then it will spread to other corrupt people. Messages to Kings, rulers, and many important dignitaries.”

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