”When Will You Start Preaching The True Gospel And Leave Materialism” – Daddy Freeze Slams Funke Adejumo

Daddy Freeze asked Funke to retract her statement, adding that she is fond of preaching about materialism and not the ‘true gospel’.


Nigerian OAP and  Free The Sheeple leader has slammed clergywoman, Funke Felix-Adejumo after she said in her preaching that rich people should abandon their poor friends.

Felix-Adejumo told her congregation that a Christian should be focused on making money.

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“You are the richest among your friends, when you sit on the table, that relationship has expired. Befriend wealthy mentors. You may not like their nose. It doesn’t matter. It is not their nose you came to look at. It is what they are. You look like what you look at,” she said in parts.

Reacting to her message in an Instagram post on Thursday, the broadcaster and self-declared scripture tutor asked the pastor to retract her statement adding that she is fond of preaching about materialism and not the ‘true gospel’.

“Aunty Funke, when will you start preaching the true gospel and leaving materialism? Did Christ or Paul select their disciples using money as a yardstick? Please take this statement back,” he said.

Felix-Adejumo is not new to controversial statements. In 2018, the televangelist set social media abuzz when she asked her congregation to “sow a seed” of $1,000 in a year.

The following year, she told her audience made up of women not to cry or bother when their husbands cheat on them.

According to her, women should dress well and walk majestically to show they are unbothered about it. 

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