“Who Is The King Of Stuffing Dollars?” – Shekarau Hits Back At Ganduje


The Senator representing Kano Central, Ibrahim Shekarau, has taken a swipe at the governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje, over the famous dollar videos showing the Governor stuffing wads of dollars into his pockets.

Mr Ganduje had fired the first salvo on October 14 at a political gathering at Africa House, Government House, Kano, when he accused Mr Shekarau and Senator Barau Jibrin of “collecting money in Abuja” without doing anything for their people.

“You have failed to deliver good projects to your constituents and when you start facing problems, you then blame for your travails?


“The money you are collecting in Abuja has not come down to your constituents, and then you’re blaming me? You’re taking me as scapegoat to your problems?,” Mr Ganduje asked rhetorically.

Addressing a crowd of supporters at his Mundubawa Road residence in Kano on Tuesday, Mr Shekarau alluded to the Governor as the “king of stuffing” dollars.

The Senator dropped the bombshell when he called on a popular radio contributor, Alhajiji Nagoda, to tell the people of Kano who is the master of stuffing dollars into his pocket.

Mr Nagoda is famous for jiving Mr Ganduje on local radio over the dollar videos.

“Alhajiji claims to be the leader of collecting, but I’m now calling on him to tell the people of Kano who is the king of stuffing [dollars]?” Mr Shekarau said, to the applause and mirth of the crowd.

Source:- Daily Nigerian

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