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Why We Can’t Sanction Pastors Who Accuse Kids Of Being Witches – Former CAN Boss

A priest has given reasons why the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) can’t follow Nigerian ministers who prompt the marking of youngsters as witches.



Numerous youngsters in Nigeria, for the most part in the South-South conditions of Akwa Ibom and Cross River, have been beaten, vilified, and sent away into the road where they live as a pariah on the allegation of black magic.

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Such allegation generally originates from a minister ‘forecasting’ that a ‘witch’ kid was in charge of a family hardship – be it sick wellbeing, work misfortune, or a business downturn.

A few guardians or gatekeepers once in a while go to the degree of setting their kids ablaze or executing them.

Akwa Ibom, for example, has a youngster rights law which condemns the marking of kids as witches, yet there is nothing to show the law is compelling.

“For an express that has a (Child Rights) law which should guarantee that the privilege of the kid is regarded, despite everything you find day by day that such huge numbers of youngsters are going through circumstances that usually they shouldn’t experience. Thus, you wonder what has happened to that law,” Uduak Ekong, the executive of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), Akwa Ibom state, said of the circumstance in the state.

“I’m stressed in light of the fact that, for quite a long time, I have been expecting that we would see a decrease in the quantity of youngsters who bird of prey in the city, for example. In any case, each day as I drive along the street, I see that as opposed to a decrease, it has all the earmarks of being a flourishing venture. We have an excessive number of youngsters in the city.”

Mrs Ekong talked at a roundtable on youngster advancement facilitated by PREMIUM TIMES in Uyo to check the 2019 Children’s Day.

“A significant number of these spots are not temples; they are enchantment houses, they are 419 focuses,” Cletus Bassey, an ecclesiastical overseer and past director of CAN in Akwa Ibom disclosed to PREMIUM TIMES, Friday, when asked in a different meeting what the affiliation was doing to deflect ministers from blaming kids for being witches.

Mr Bassey stated, “a wide range of babble things” occurring in the “enchantment focuses” can’t occur in the congregation.

“How might you be in a congregation where they would bring Coke and Fanta and they will say they are doing anointment, at that point bless individuals with Coke and Fanta?

“How would you have a man who says he is a godly man and he would put his legs on a lady and would state he is doing liberation?”

Individuals who run such “focuses” are for the most part uneducated, need philosophical preparing, and are not individuals from CAN, Mr Bassey said.

“There’s nothing can do about it, you can’t go to a family where you are not a part and state ‘plunk down here’ or ‘don’t do that once more’.

“You don’t have the instruments of assuming responsibility for those things, you are not engaged by the constitution,” he said.

The ecclesiastical overseer said the black magic wonder was an across the country thing, and not impossible to miss to Akwa Ibom.

PREMIUM TIMES inquired as to whether he has confidence in the presence of black magic.

“You’ll see it in the Bible. Truly, it exists,” he reacted.

“I experienced childhood in a family where my maternal granddad was a juju specialist and I rehearsed it as a young fellow, until when I was 17 years of age when Jesus came into my life and changed the entire thing about me. Thus, I have seen the two universes and I see how it functions.”

PREMIUM TIMES additionally asked him for what valid reason kids from rich families are never marked as witches.

“In what manner can their very own kids be named a witch when they themselves don’t return home (town) with them?

“In the event that they convey those kids and keep in the town with their grandparents, return and hear what might have occurred after that.”

The diocese supervisor said the liberation he accomplishes for the devotees in his congregation – the Destiny Mission International, Uyo – is an alternate sort.

“Redemption is done when the expression of God comes. When you lecture the expression of God and anything that does not concur with that, when the expression of God meet with obstruction the expression of God takes the high ground, and by then anything can occur.

“I don’t approach, searching for individuals to cast evil presences out, I don’t approach searching for individuals to call witches. No! That is not my work.

“My work is to lecture the expression of God. This expression of God, the Bible says, is the intensity of God unto salvation. So there is no other liberation than the word we lecture, it is the thing that brings redemption.”


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