Woman Chased By Two Bears In The Alley Outside Her Home In Romania


Moment woman is chased by two bears in the alley outside her home in Romanian town

This is the terrifying moment a Romanian woman was chased by two bears after unwittingly following them down a dark alley at night.

CCTV footage filmed in Sinaia, a town in central Romania’s Prahova County, shows a mother bear and her cub padding down the alley at 9.45pm on October 27.


Shortly afterwards the woman steps out of her house, opens a gate and walks in the same direction, descending some steps.

Suddenly she reappears in the shot, dashing back to the gate and looking anxiously behind her.

She locks the gate carefully and rushes indoors. Moments later the bears reappear with the mother animal rearing up to look over the woman’s fence.

The mother bear takes a good look and sniffs the air but does not try to climb over the fence.

After waiting around for a few more seconds, the mother bear and her cub leave.

Bears coming into contact with humans is not so rare in Romania.

The country has the largest population of brown bears outside Russia with an estimated 6,000 in the wild.

Since this July town and city authorities have been allowed to shoot bears that break into people’s houses, even though brown bears are protected animals.

Source:- Daily Mail

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