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Words You Should Never Say To Your Partner During An Argument

By Humphrey D Godson


Building a long lasting relationship has never been an easy task, it takes a while, lot of patience, tolerance, control, self sufficiency and endurance to build a successful relationship.

Many relationships today did not just become solid over night, lot of sacrifices and hard work was made by the two parties involved to ensure that they build a healthy relationship.

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At least 65% of relationship today if not more end up hitting the rocks because of lack of the above remedies that was not applied.

During the cause of my findings, I realized that most relationship that ended did not just end as a result of cheating but rather most of these relationship end due to the spoken words used on their partner during a fight or argument.

One thing will need to understand is that the words that comes out of our mouth is very sensitive and it can have a lot of negative or positive effect on someone.

Most partners do not mind the words that comes out of their mouth while they quarrel, at that point nothing is relevant to them which is very wrong.

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Using of these words can escalate the situation and sometimes, end up in a very bad experience.

But today, am going to list some words you should never say to your partner during an argument as these words may lead to destruction of your relationship.

1. Bitch

Do not in any way use this word on your partner as during an argument as you are referring to he or she as a female dog which is quite insulting.

2. Pussy

The word ‘Pussy’ has meaning that varies, basically it can mean a cat but it also means referring to your partner as a coward. This word is very offensive and can have a negative effect on your partner.

It basically means that your partner has no worth whatsoever which can be very hurtful and depressing.

3. Whore

This word is basically use on the female partners which means that you are referring to your partner as a sex worker, someone who get paid for sleeping around in other words, a “Prostitute”

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