World Athletics to review 2020 season calendar

World Athletics, 2020

World Athletics is set to rewrite the 2020 season calendar, following disruptions to sports schedules by the unfolding coronavirus drama worldwide.

Much of the athletics activities have been affected, most especially the 2020 Olympics Games and according to a statement by the WA, a new calendar will be produced in due course most especially for the Wanda Diamond league.

“Following the postponement of early-season events in Qatar and China last week, the series has decided to also suspend meetings in Stockholm (scheduled for May 24, Naples/Rome – May 28 and Rabat – May 31).

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“The decision was made in close consultation with all the relevant parties. Also, Government Response To The Outbreak Of The Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19).

“The dynamic global spread of the COVID-19, the travel restrictions expected to be in force for some time and above all concerns over athlete safety have made it impossible to stage the competitions as planned,” the statement read.

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It added that the meeting organisers, the Wanda Diamond League and World Athletics remain committed to delivering a structured extensive season in 2020.

“The aim is to ensure that athletes can compete at the highest possible level this year, and that fans will be able to see their favourite stars in action, whenever the global health situation allows.

“New dates for Wanda Diamond League events will be announced in cooperation with the World Athletics Global Calendar Unit as soon as the extraordinary situation makes a reliable plan possible.”


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