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WORLD DIABETES DAY 14TH NOV 2020: Mobihealth & Sanofi Partner To Offer Free Diabetes Screening …Plus Tips to Help People Living With Diabetes

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria has the highest number of people with diabetes with an estimated 3.9 million people (or an extrapolated prevalence of 4.99%) of the adult population aged 20-79 years old. Studies conducted in Nigeria indicate that the prevalence of diabetes ranged from low level of 0.8% among adults in rural highland dwellers to over 7% in urban Lagos with an average of 2.2% nationally. HERE ARE 5 TOP TIPS ON DIABETES,: 1. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! Ignorance is no bliss…it is costly! Get a simple finger prick test. Prevention and Early Detection Saves lives. Knowing your numbers will help you make informed decision about lifestyle changes that can help lower your risk of getting it or help you manage it well if you have it! This may include choosing a suitable diet, knowing how various activities affects you and how best to manage stressful days and illness. Monitoring and recording your blood glucose as a diabetic makes you better prepared for doctor’s appointments. There are many free blood glucose diaries and @MyMobihealth does not only provide you electronic medical record, you can also book appointments with diabetes specialists at low cost with access to genuine medications. 2. READ ABOUT DIABETES! Knowledge is one of the best ways to beat diabetes. There are many great books to help you understand, manage, and optimise your daily living. 3. PICK A GOOD DIET FOR YOUR DIABETES Changes to Diet can be one of the most confusing areas people with diabetes struggle with, especially given tons of contradictory information out there!A good diet is critical to maintaining optimal blood glucose control. It can help in a number of ways: Improve blood sugar levelsImprove blood pressure and cholesterolReduce tirednessImprove digestionCan significantly boost clarity of thought. The general rule is to eat foods with plenty of fibre and a low glycaemic index. Vegetables and unsalted nuts tick the boxes. Fish is a good pick and good quality lean meats are also generally advised.  4. GET INTO SOME DAILY EXERCISE ROUTINE Exercise is good business!You don't have to hit the gym running on a thread mill for an hour, even a little activity each day can make a lot of difference, a 20 minute walk or even 15 minutes of press ups and/or aerobics in your own room will do. Regular activity is also known to help increase insulin sensitivity, which can be useful for all types of diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes. 5. GET INTO SUPPORT GROUPS With millions of people living with diabetes and many more diagnosed daily, it is important to know that you are not alone! Diabetes can affect so many parts of our lives, and there are often times when you may need someone to talk things over with. Peer support groups can provide invaluable resource and you can also reach out to @mymobihealth mental health team if you think you need discrete professional help. People living with diabetes have been severely affect by COVID19 in many ways that include lack of access to their medicines, increased risk of getting COVID19 as a high risk group, etc. Telemedicine offers an alternative, convenient and affordable way to manage your health better and Mobihealth Consult is leading the way in providing you access to quality care! Download the Mobihealth Consult App and book teleconsultation with a doctor anytime 24/7 as we mark WDD to increase awareness and celebrate the wonderful role nurses play in provision of care. See the flyer for details of our upcoming FREE diabetes screening program on WORLD DIABETES DAY in partnership with Pharmaceutical giant #Sanofi! #WDD #Sanofi #NCDA #worldhealthorganization The post WORLD DIABETES DAY 14TH NOV 2020: Mobihealth & Sanofi Partner To Offer Free Diabetes Screening Plus Tips to Help People Living With Diabetes appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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