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Yahoo Boy Invites Popular Edo Deity ‘Ayelala’ To Recover His Money From An ‘Azaman’

A yahoo boy (internet fraudster) name withheld has invited a popular Edo deity, ‘Ayelala’ to help recover the sum of N96 million an Azaman (Money Picker) failed to send him. HGS Media Plus reports.


According to report gathered by HGS Media Plus, the Azaman identified as David helped the yahoo boy to receive the sum of N96 million from a client.

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Trouble started when the Azaman who received the money refused to take his percentage and send back the rest of the money to the yahoo boy.

HGS Media Plus learnt that the Azaman lied to the yahoo boy about the money not coming through in other to keep everything for himself.

The yahoo boy begged the Azaman to take 70 per cent of the money while he takes 30 per percentage, but he refused and insisted the money did not arrive, HGS Media Plus understands.

It was gathered that after several attempt by the yahoo boy to get his money but failed, he decided to involve the Edo deity called ‘Ayelala’ to recover his money.

Apparently, the Azaman have started using the money to buy cars and build houses.

Immediately, the Azaman heard about the plan of the yahoo boy, he quickly informed his older brother to beg the Ayelala members.

However, the chief priest of the Ayelala deity told the Azaman to return at least N90 million to the yahoo boy, then he can keep the 6 million instead of the initial percentage.

HGS Media Plus further learnt that the Azaman was able to refund 55 million naira with the promise that he would pay back the balance after selling the houses and cars he bought.


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