“You Have a Heart of Gold” – Actress, Uche Elendu Praises Rita Edochie for Forgiving Ada Jesus

Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu has hailed popular actress, Rita Edochie over her decision to forgive comedienne Ada Jesus who is critically ill.


 Recall that Ada Jesus had lied against the actress in her comedy skits.

Recall that Ada Jesus is known to be in a very pitiful state having been struck with both kidney disease and stroke. The comedienne was advised to seek forgiveness from those she offended in her skits, hence her sickness seemed extramundane. Ada Jesus adhered to this and is currently on a mission to ask for forgiveness from people such offended such as Prophet Odumeje, Rita Edochie and native doctor, Chi Marine. 

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Rita Edochie

Rita Edochie At first, Rita Edochie and prophet Odumeje condemned and vowed not to forgive Ada Jesus, but as a result of the intense pressure mounted on her, she had to succumb and announced she has gotten over the wrongs of the comedienne. 

In reaction to this, Uche Elendu has applauded her for this motherly display. In Uche’s words: ”I knew you will forgive her, you were only hurt by her lies, ure my momma and I know your heart is made of Gold, the lord will always vindicate his own, may God forgive her. Love you.”

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