Zlatan Ibile Expresses Shock As His Son Chooses Cheese Balls Over Wads of Dollars (Video)

The Zanku boss shared a video of his son choosing cheese balls over wads of dollar notes online.


Singer Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael aka Zlatan Ibile has expressed shock after his son chose cheese balls over wads of dollar notes. 

The singer shared a video of the encounter on his Instagram page. 

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In the video, the Zanku boss held out his hands with two packs of cheese ball in one and wads of dollar notes in the other as he beckoned on his son to make a choice. 

At interval, the rap music star swapped the positions of his hands but the one-year-old kept reaching out for the hand that held the snacks and cried out at some point when his father won’t give in to his demand. 

After getting a pack of the snack filled with gratitude, the little man returned for the second pack still ignoring the wads of dollars being offered him by his father. 

Expressing shock at his son’s choice, Zlatan argued a female child would have chosen the dollar notes instead. 

Sharing the amusing video, the astonished father of one captioned it; “Imagine Cheese balls Over $$$$. If na girl na otherwise.” 

Watch video below: 

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