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10 Reportedly Injured As Congregants Clash In Pentecostal Church (Details)


A battle between two gatherings of admirers on the Ngucui AIPCA Church in Kirinyaga left someplace round ten people harmed as authority wrangles turned the dominant point of interest on Sunday.

Inconvenience adopted when the gatherings pushed by Archdeacons John Kamau and Naftali Mwangi met on the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa and differ over who ought to lead the day’s administration.

An disagreeable commerce of phrases was pursued with a bodily encounter that noticed the admirers assault each other. It took the intercession of hostile to revolt police to quiet the gatherers down.


The officers from an adjoining boss’ camp discovered the admirers buying and selling blows, kicking and shouting and pelting one another with stones.

Archdeacon Kamau endured wounds to the top amid the tumult. “My colleague[Archdeacon Mwangi] whipped me with the shepherd staff until it broke into pieces, driving me to take off for my life,” he stated.

However, Mr Mwangi denied the fees, saying his affiliate was harmed when he hit the congregation’s divider amid the battle.

“The Reverend Kamau is united to Archbishop Fredrick Wang’ombe while I bolster Archbishop Julius Njoroge and I won’t enable him to wreck this congregation. We will bargain intense with the Wang’ombe’s camp,” stated the Mr Mwangi.

Area Chief Joseph Kariuki stated the congregation would keep shut till the gatherings settle the wrangles.

“I have called the two gatherings to my office one week from now to talk about the issue and graph the route forward,” stated Mr Kariuki.

Worshipers Fight At AIPCA Church In Kenya Over Who Should Lead Day ServiceWorshipers Fight At AIPCA Church In Kenya Over Who Should Lead Day Service1

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