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Environmental Law: Lagos Assembly Moves To Empower LAWMA


Partners in the earth segment in Lagos State on Thursday praised the state House of Assembly for proposing a change to the Environmental law to enable the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA).

Lagos Assembly Moves To Empower LAWMA

The partners gave the tribute at a One-Day Public Hearing on “A Law to Amend the Environmental Management and Protection Law, 2017,” composed by the House Committee on the Environment, headed by Mr Dayo Saka-Fafunmi (APC-Ifako-Ijaiye I).


As per the partners, such advance is adept and convenient to guarantee a cleaner and more beneficial condition in the state following the disappointment of the Cleaner Lagos Initiative.

Mr Olugbenga Adebola, an Environmentalist stated:

“I will get a kick out of the chance to compliment the proactive Lagos State House of Assembly individuals for this change.

“For a long piece of 2016 and 2017, we had a major issue in nature family. It is great that more power be given to LAWMA as the controller. I trust LAWMA would almost certainly deal with this. I laud the House.”

Adebola asked the House not to discard the private division in the board’s constitution and investigated cost recuperation level, and requirement.

Mr Kadiri Shamusideen, a security master, who likewise recognized the House for the correction, called for endeavors on the wellbeing and security of PSP administrators in the field.

Shamusideen, Executive Director, Safety Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation, criticized different perilous practices of the administrators on the thruways, trucks and dump locales, which was substantiated by another master, Mr Adegbenro Adu.

Mr Olalekan Owojori, a Consultant to PSP, who noticed that squander the board was administration situated, called the House to investigate how cash for the administrations rendered by the administrators would get to them.

Owojori, who grimaced at PSP relying upon government administration before getting cash for the administrations gave, required a framework that would enable the specialist co-ops to gather their.

Mr Adedotun Oriowo, a PSP administrator, stated:

“I salute the House for the immaculate awareness of other’s expectations. We are here to right a few wrongs of the active Lagos State government.

“The Cleaner Lagos Initiative twisted waste administration activities in Lagos State. It ought to be canceled from waste administration in Lagos State.”

In his commitment, Mr Ola Oresanya, the Chief Executive Officer of LAWMA, stated: “If the law isn’t right, everything will not be right.

“I need to thank the Chairman of the board of trustees for this meticulous exertion to address the off-base. The intendment of this change is real and pertinent,”

he said.

As per Oresanya, the expert will present a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), particularly on the elements of Public Utilities Monitoring and Assurance Unit (PUMAU) irritating on waste administration and income gathering.

Mr Idowu Salau, a Consultant with the Federal Government on Waste Management, who lauded the House, nagged cost recuperation and distinguished client charge framework and property charge framework.

In his remark, Mr Ola Egbeyemi, President of the Association of Waste Managers (AWAN) expressed gratitude toward the House “for this respectable motion.”

“We have great laws yet those laws are discovered incapable as a result of implementation. We ought to thank the officials for returning to this questionable law that have really caused a ton of retrogression,” Egbeyemi said.

In his appreciated location, the Chairman of the Committee, Saka-Fafunmi said that surviving law go in 2017 couldn’t meet desires as found amid effect appraisal investigation.

“We can’t have a law that isn’t serving the enthusiasm of Lagos and that is the reason we propose a few alterations. The revision basically pesters more on LAWMA law.

“As at when the law was made, we were taking a gander at having a concessionaire-an administrator that will assume control over the waste administration of Lagos.

“No sooner had the law was passed we understood that it was not something that could stand the trial of time here. We have chosen to return to our methods for doing it.

“That is the reason we are enabling the PSP and each other partner in condition. We should enable LAWMA and remove concessionaire,”

he said.

Diagramming, the Majority Leader of the House, Mr Sanai Agunbiade said that the proposed change influenced just 48 areas of the 526-segment surviving law.

Agunbiade said that the House had a propensity to screen laws passed and directs sway appraisal and at whatever point a weakness was seen, an alteration would be tried to cause it to adjust to substances.

Prior, in his keynote address, the Speaker of the House, Mr Mudashirun Obasa, spoken to by his appointee, Mr Waaiu Eshinlokun-Sanni, said that the aim of the House was to improve nature and make squander the board in Lagos State consistent.

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