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Fiverr CEO Says He’s Structured The ‘Everything Store For Advanced Services’

Fiverr CEO says he’s structure the ‘everything store for advanced administrations’

Mica Kaufman

Independent commercial center Fiverr has turned out to be intently connected with the gig economy, yet Micha Kaufman contended that not all gig economy organizations are made equivalent.

Fiverr CEO

I addressed Kaufman yesterday evening, after Fiverr appeared on the New York Stock Exchange and went through the day moving to 90% over the IPO cost.

As we discussed Fiverr’s people group of specialists, I raised the driver strikes before Uber’s IPO and considered how Kaufman can guarantee consultants can profit by the organization’s prosperity. Accordingly, he called attention to that Fiverr venders are frequently profoundly talented, and they decide the provisions of the activity and of installment.

“That is altogether different than [some of the] different stages called gig economy,” he said.

He included that this structure implies an independent architect in (state) San Francisco doesn’t need to stress as a lot over about coordinating the costs of somebody over the world, who has much lower costs and can charge less.