Practice JUPEB CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS STUDIES crs ARTS-J121 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

36. “Roman Peace” is also known as ————- A. Roman citizenship


B. Roman communications

C.“Pax Romana”

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D. Greeco-Roman Culture.

37. In the Roman Empire, which of these administrative systems was developed? A. Parochial

B. Federal

C. State

D. Provincial.

38. Jesus Christ was born during the reign of —- A. Philip the Tetrarch

B. Herod the Great

C. Alexander the Great

D. Pontius Pilate.

39. The outcome of the Jewish response to Hellenism was the creation of the … A. Maccabees

B. Pharisees

C. Religious parties

D. Zealots.

40. —- sect withdrew from the society and formed a small community of sharing and caring. A. The Sadducees

B. The Essenes

C. The Sanhedrin

D. The Scribes.

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