Practice FREE JUPEB HISTORY ART-J123 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

6.         The Sefdymasty of the Mais or kings was peculiar to which of these Empires?


A.        Dahomey

B.        Kanem

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C.        Ashante

D.        Katsina

7.         A new capital for Kanem Bornu Empire at Ngazagamu was built by?

A.        Mai Dunama I B.        Mai Dunama II C.        Mai Ali – Ghaji D.        Mai Idris Aloma

8.         Contacts between Zanzibar and the East African Coast with the outside World developed as a result of?

A.        Trade

B.        Navigation

C.        Curiosity

D.        Evangelism

9.         The Omani people were originally?

A.        Africans

B.        Arabs

C.        Greeks

D.        Assyrians

10.       An outcome of regular contacts between peoples of the East African Coast and those of Asia and Middle East was?

A.        The birth of the Swahili civilization

B.        The establishment of regular trade

C.        Cultural diffusion

D.        All of the above

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