Practice FREE JUPEB Islamic Religious Studies Art- J125 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

16. One of the names of the Qur’ān is


A.  Hadīth. B.  Kitab.

C.  Muṣḥaf. D.  Zabur.

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17. Qur’ān as a Scripture has ….   chapters


18. The name of a ritual bath for a newly-converted Muslim is

A.  Hayḍah.

B.  Dukhūlul-Islam. C.  Nifās.

D.  Janabah.

19.  One of the pillars of Islam is

A.  Hajj

B.  Iḥsān

C.  Niyyah

D.  Qadar

20. Thearticles of faith in Islam are

A. four B. five C.  six

D.  seven

21. The last article of faith in Islam is belief in the … A.  Last Day

B.  Day of Creation C.  Day of cArafah D.  Karbalah Day

22. The dawn obligatory prayer is called

A.  Salātu’l-Maghrib. B.  Salātu’l-Ishā.

C.  Salātu’l-Zuhr. D.  Salātu’l-Subh.

23. Monday and Thursday fasting are examples of

A.  expiatory fasting. B.  voluntary fasting. C.  atonement fasting. D.  obligatory fasting.

24. The lesser hajj in Islam is called

A.  cUmrah. B.  Qudus.

C.  Hajj Badal. D.  Ziyārah.

25. Hajj rites are performed in the …..  month of Islamic calendar.

A. third B. sixth C.  ninth

D.  twelfth

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