Practice FREE JUPEB Islamic Religious Studies Art- J125 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

26. Who among the following Companions suggested the compilation of the Qur’ān to



A.  c Umar bn al-Khattāb

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B.  UthmānbnAffān C.  cAlībnAbīTālib D.  ZaydbnThābit

27. Which one of the following chapters of the Holy Qur’ān emphasizes the importance of time

A.  Qur’ān chapter 102

B.  Qur’ān chapter 103

C.  Qur’ān chapter 104

D.  Qur’ān chapter 105

28. One of the names of the Qur’ān which describes it as Criterion is… A.  Adh-dhikr

B.  Al-Kitāb C.  Al-Burhān D.  Al-Furqān

29. “Surely man is in a state of loss” the loss being referred to here is … A.  spiritual loss

B.  material loss C.  worldly loss D.  tangible loss

30. All are Madīnah Chapters except… A.  Sūratul-Baqarah

B.  Sūratul-Humazah

C.  Sūratun-Nisā’ D.  Sūratul-Māidah

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