Practice FREE JUPEB Islamic Religious Studies Art- J125 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

41.  The  chains of transmission of Hadīth where the name of a companion is omitted is called


A.  al-Hadīth al-Mursal

B.  al-Hadīth al-Munqati’ C.  al-Hadīth al-Mu’allaq D.  al-Hadīth al-Mu’dal

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42.  In which one of the following Aḥadīth of an-Nawawī is religion defined as sincerity

A.  HadīthTen B.  Hadīth Five C.  Hadīth Seven D.  Hadīth One

43. Among the acceptable Hadīth which is at lower rank is

A.  Al-Hadīth al-Qudsī

B.  Al-HadīthAḥād

C.  Al-Hadīth ad-Dacīf

D.  Al-Hadīth an-Nabawī

44. The two known Sound Hadīth are; A.  Bukhārī and Muslim

B.  Muslim and Tirmidhī

C.  Abu Dāwud and Bukhārī

D.  IbnMajah and Tirmidhī

45. Al-HadīthHaḥan is different from Saḥīḥ because

A.  It has its chains of transmission well connected B.  One of its reporters is known for weak memory C.  One of its reporters is a companion

D.  All its reporters are reliable

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