Practice JUPEB LITERATURE-IN-ENGLISH: ART- J126 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

31. A lyric poem that celebrates the simple idyllic pleasures of country life is called


A. sonnet

B. panegyric

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C. myth

D. pastoral

32. A poem whose speaker addresses one or more silent listeners is called

A. apostrophe

B. meditation

C. dramatic monologue

D. narrative

33. A poem featuring expansive settings, supernatural characters and heroic feats is called

A. ovid

B. ode

C. ballad

D. epic

34. Paradise Lost by John Milton is an example of

A. religious poem

B. legend C. myth D. epic

35. A poem rooted in oral tradition and meant to be sung is called

A. epic

B. lyric

C. ballad

D. blank verse

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