Practice FREE JUPEB VISUAL ARTS: ARTS-J128 Past Questions Essay and Objectives



1.   What are the main attributes or peculiarities of traditional African art?  ( 10 marks)

2.   The Renaissance was a period of perfection of creative skills. Discuss this statement in relation to the exploits of the three outstanding artists of the High Renaissance. ( 10 marks)

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3.   Compare and contrast the printmaking processes of relief print and etched print. ( 10 marks)

4.            (a).      Define elements of design?( 2.5 marks)

(b)       Name 5 elements of design and discuss them briefly. (7.5 marks)

5.   Discuss the beauty of Nok and Ife terracottas as sculpture or ceramics. ( 10 marks)

6.   Sculptures add to the beauty of the built environment. How true is this assertion? (10 marks)

7.   Paper sculpture and pop-ups are paper art forms. Briefly discuss these art forms noting a few historical significances.          ( 10 marks)

8.   Colour thrills the senses and in turn affects moods. Discuss this in the light of colour significance and symbolism.(10 marks)

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