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Poverty birthed the likes of Bobrisky and James Brown – Media Personality Destiny Amaka


Media personality Destiny Amaka has reacted to Nigeria’s current situation, where young people are struggling to make a living.

She said it hurts seeing how men are pull down because they are poor, even worse to compare a Nigerian man with those in the western world.

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According to the media personality, there are so many talented and hardworking individuals in Nigerian, but the system is set up for them to fail.

She further said that poverty birthed Bobrisky and James Brown’s likes following the change of their gender, all in the bid to make money.

Destiny Amaka also advises Nigerian men not to lose hope or courage to meet their destiny helpers one day.

She wrote: Dunno why but i’ve been reluctant to say this for a while but i will. it hurts me when i hear people pulling down poor or broke men! even worst comparing them to the men in the west… haba!

Yes there is the exception of lazy men but living out here for 9 years now, i can confidently tell you that Nigerian young men are the hardest working people i know! it’s unfortunate that we have a system that’s set up for them to fail! No equal job opportunities! zero! i’ve met so many young talented boy/men who just don’t know how to earn money where to start, who to help or guide.

And all are sitting on wasted talents! porverty or riches is not measured by hard work biko! if you are a young man trying to make ends meet in this jungle called Nigeria, biko pat yourself on the back.

Poverty has birthed the likes of Bob and James brown, Check am. Anyhoo, men i pray you never lose hope or courage! I pray you meet your destiny helpers and i pray you, I pray you are prepared to lift other young men up when we get there. I love you.

If these men had half the opportunities as others do abroad, this country will be better state.

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