Shocking moment Monkey on a bike tried to kidnap a child (Video)

A shocking viral video sighted by LailasNews, has showed the shocking moment a Monkey tried to kidnap a child.


Shocking moment Monkey on a bike tried to kidnap a child lailasnews

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In the hairraising video, the monkey can be clearly seen trying to ‘kidnap’ a child in broad daylight.

The video which was shared by IFS Susanta Nanda, showed the monkey riding a cycle approaching a group of kids who are playing outdoor.

As soon as the monkey gets close to the children, he jumps off his bike and leaps onto a child, then drag the child for a good 30 feet before people ran in to intervene.

As soon as he saw people approaching, the monkey ditched his kidnapping attempt letting the confused child go and ran away.

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The video was undated, and the location the incident occurred remain unknown.

Watch it below;

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