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Spot on! Leopard blends perfectly into mountainside

Can you “spot” this leopard?

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A rare photo shows a big cat blending almost completely into a rocky hillside in India — illuding even the photographer who snapped the shot, according to a report.

Abhinav Garg, 34, had had no clue he’d captured the animal in the frame while visiting Aravali Hills in Jaipur on June 5 until he returned home and took a closer look at the image, according to the UK Sun[1].

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“It was really the best camouflaged animal I had seen in my life,” said the amateur photographer, who is a web developer in New Delhi. “To my utter surprise, I found a leopard[2] resting on [the] rock which was not visible from naked eyes earlier.”

Garg had been on his way to visit a temple when locals told him about a leopard in the area, prompting him to take a detour in an effort to catch a glimpse of it.

“While returning from the temple [a] few villagers were discussing [the] leopard sitting on the rock in hills opposite the temple.”

leopard in India
Photographer Abhinav Garg had been on his way to visit a temple when locals told him about a leopard in the area.

He set up his camera facing the windswept hillside and waited hours to capture the creature on camera to no avail.

“We decided to leave as it was getting dark and I clicked some random shots of hills without sighting the leopard,” he said. “After returning home, I transferred all the pictures on my laptop and started [to] zoom in on them.”

He added, “I had not seen a leopard before and I was really excited to spot it.”


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